Olivia's story

Olivia Marcus lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, which is a pretty nice place to live (apart from the poisonous critters - some human, mostly not).

She was born a little way north of London, England and has worked internationally, in a variety of industries and many countries, before settling down and calling Australia home.

A is for … is Olivia’s first book, coming out of many years of being urged to put fingers to keyboard and create something that would allow other people to glance into, or even imagine themselves in, a world where the bad guys get what’s coming to them, the good folk get to freely enjoy the fruits of their labours, and the universe tends to provide for those who trust it.

Olivia’s quite a spiritual person, in a deeply grounded way, and she’d like to meditate more than she does. For her, life’s about fun which means, amongst other things, plenty of caffeine, chocolate, red wine, and generally enjoying a little of what you fancy (as often as possible) as long as it’s harmless to others. At the same time she’s made it her life purpose to avoid daft behaviour such as drinking decaf piccolo lattes and spoiling perfectly good pasta with anything squirted out of the business end of a frightened squid. Life’s too short to be farty, or to give a flying fig for what people think of you, as long as you’re not causing any upset.

Her writing style aims to reflect the things she has observed, and the little nuggets that come from friends and acquaintances along the way, hopefully without offending anyone who doesn’t deserve to be offended. She doesn’t like rules, or the people who feel empowered to make them, but she really likes optimists, smiles, a good laugh, positive thinking and harmless pleasures.

If you enjoy this book, and especially if you enjoy it enough to tell someone else how much you enjoyed it, well then, you’ve just proved that you’re one of the good people and, without a doubt, the world needs more people just like you.

Keep up the good work.