18 plus warning

Story contains adult content

Let's be up-front.

This story is about consenting adults, and some of the things they do for fun - the things that don't, necessarily, involve chocolate.

That's not everyone's cup of tea so, just in case...

...you have been warned!

The Cast

Our 3 main characters are:

  • Barbara, a retired executive,
  • Dawn, who runs an international advisory business and
  • Jade, a sassy young partner in a legal practice

The three of them are great friends, which is a good job, given where their adventures take them!


The story is based, primarily, in a sleepy Lincolnshire village, in England, but stretches around the world, in the capable hands of globetrotting Dawn and her friends.


The alphabet challenge is a romance, with some intrigue, and a little bit of the universe putting things right and the bad guys getting what they've got coming.

Oh, and the content concerns adults, and what adults do behind closed doors, or in plain view, from time to time.

So, the books are written for adult readers with open minds. If that's not you, then navigate away, please!


The story - an elevator pitch

A little too much to drink at a New Year's party and Barbara, Dawn and Jade egg each other on into a challenge...

...to enjoy their way through the alphabet of occupations, A to Z, 26 letters and 2 weeks per letter...

...easy? hard? immoral? beneficial? risky? stressful?

All of the above, and a lot of fun too!

No partners, friends or colleagues were harmed in the making of their stories!